Amber Buie, Bronze Medal Nominee (2019)

Reflection on “Collaboration”

According to the Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of collaboration is to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor. Collaborating happens between ideas. Ideas might be compromised, accommodated, or scraped all together. However, the final idea must appeal to both collaborators and all of the audience. Collaboration is not meant to bring negative results and therefore, should not harm physically, emotionally, or mentally. As designers, we should be aware of this goal at all times because we are so dedicated to giving a positive experience to the public.

Yet collaboration should be humble. When starting the process of collaboration, I always evaluate my strengths and weaknesses compared to the other person. To arrive at a beautiful, final design, there needs to be a deeper connection within both parties. Judson boasts of its community and the impact it has on people’s lives. Being a student in the Interior Design program, I was constantly around my peers and we grew together. Now, four years later, I know exactly who I can strike up a conversation with, to aid my design. I know the names of people I am compatible with. I know whom I would choose to work with a project.

This year, our semester project is a combination of an interior designer and architect student. The architect student will consult the interior design student and vice versa. I, fully support this idea, and wish we could integrate this type of project into every semester.  The interior designer not only deals with just more than fixtures, furnishings, and equipment; they are then a great resource for calculating square footage, partition and outlet spacing, lumens and so much more. We can open our world to the architects for a brief view and insight, allowing for different opinions and thoughts to be interchanged.

Collaboration is an exchange. It is a partnership, a two-way street. Each person must be willing to give and take an equal amount. With interior design and architecture there is no better way to express this. Both occupations must be collaborating and brainstorming from the start to the destination, the beautiful, final destination. I am excited for my career knowing that I will have many opportunities to gain insight from my peers and coworkers. We will not be competitors but more so teammates, teammates that are looking to influence the world of design with their ideas.

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Bronze Medal Nominees 2019

Congratulations to our nominees for the Bronze Medal!

Amber Buie (Interior Design, 2019)

Deborah Lee (Architecture, 2019)

Eunice Slanwa (Architecture, 2019)

Voting will take place in April and the award will be presented on the evening prior to graduation.