Bronze Medal

The Gamma Xi chapter membership selects the recipient of the Bronze Medal from among the graduating students in its membership.  Nominees for the Bronze Medal present a selection of exhibits from previous coursework and one new, short essay on a given topic to be reviewed by the voting membership.  The medal is presented at the annual School of Art, Design and Architecture Awards ceremony prior to Spring Commencement in recognition of distinguished academic achievement.

Click on individual names below to access submissions for the nominees from Gamma Xi through the years:


Abigail Breckner (Architecture, 2018)

Christian Johnson (Architecture, 2018) RECIPIENT

Lacey Wells (Architecture, 2018)

Caitlin Wildermuth (Interior Design, 2018)


Kristina Fisher

Xavier Morla

Rachel Peterson

Amanda Zylstra RECIPIENT


Serena Ching (B.A.A.S. ’16) RECIPIENT

Cassandra Huntington (B.A.A.S. ’16)

Sarah Martinez (B.A.A.S. ’16)

William Morris (B.A.A.S. ’16)


Marcus Mayell (M.Arch. ’15) RECIPIENT

Joshua Tindall (B.A.A.S. ’15)

Andrew Witek (B.A.A.S. ’15)


Emily Fiedler (B.A.A.S. ’14)

Marisa Gauss (B.A.A.S. ’14)

Rebecca Johnson (B.A.A.S. ’12 & M.Arch. ’14) RECIPIENT

Kendall Oliver (B.A.A.S. ’14)

Kaity Puffer (B.A.A.S. ’14)


Drew Gander (B.A.A.S. ’11, M.Arch. ’13)

Kathryn Husar (B.A.A.S. ’13, M.Arch., ’15) RECIPIENT

Patrick Linder (B.A.A.S. ’13)

Michael Rabe (B.A.A.S. ’11, M.Arch. ’13)


Kevin E. Solomon (M.Arch., 2012) RECIPIENT

Silver Medal

The Gamma Xi chapter membership selects the recipient of the Silver Medal from among professionals.  The medal is presented at a time and place deemed appropriate by the Chapter and School in recognition of distinguished professional achievement.

Gold Medal

The Grand Chapter selects the recipient of the Gold Medal, which is awarded as a part of the ACSA annual national meeting, to an individual of high professional standing.  Recipients, 1970-present

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