Responsibilities of the President (for more detail, see Art. VI, Sec. 10)

1. At the start of the new academic year set meetings/events schedule (minimum of one meeting per semester); coordinate with Faculty Advisor.  Chief responsibility is to steer the membership to activities that “encourage and celebrate scholarship.”

2. Prepare and circulate agenda two weeks prior to meetings

3. General administrative requirements: preside over meetings (see Bylaws, Article VI, Section 8, for content); appoint committees; guide selection of Bronze Medalist and field nominations for Silver Medal; plan Initiation Ceremony with Faculty Advisor

4. Administer the Oath of Office to officers-elect at the conclusion of his/her term, at the last meeting of the academic year (if unable, designate a substitute from the other officers):

I, ______________________, affirm that I will support the Bylaws of Tau Sigma Delta and the laws and regulations made in conformity thereto, and that I will discharge the duties required of me as an officer of the Gamma Xi Chapter of Tau Sigma Delta to the best of my ability.

5. Prepare and submit annual report to the Grand Chapter Secretary by the end of the year