About ΤΣΔ

Tau Sigma Delta (ΤΣΔ) Honor Society in Architecture and Allied Arts is the only national honor society for architecture and design majors that is accredited by the Association of College Honor Societies.  Founded in 1913, its goal is to acknowledge and encourage academic excellence among students majoring in architecture and related fields.  Chapters have been founded in over seventy architecture programs nationwide.  The Society strives to celebrate excellence in scholarship, to encourage academic achievement, and to recognize students who attain high scholastic standing in these fields.

The Greek letters of the Society’s name, Tau Sigma Delta (ΤΣΔ), are derived from the first letter of each word in its motto:

Technitai Sophoikai Dexioti

which translates: “craftsmen, skilled and trained.”  More information on the organization of the Society at the national level (the Grand Chapter) may be found by following these links:

ΤΣΔ Bylaws

ΤΣΔ Operating Procedures Manual

The Gamma Xi  (ΓΞ) Chapter was established in the Architecture Department at Judson University in 2011, inducted its first class of members in March, 2012, and held its inaugural meeting on Thursday, 29 March.  Within the general framework of the Grand Chapter Bylaws, the individual chapters act independently, organizing their own slate of activities, events, and meeting schedule.  The Grand Chapter identifies three offices to administer the activities of each Chapter.  Their duties and responsibilities are included in the following link:

Information for Officers of the Gamma Xi Chapter