Joshua Tindall, Bronze Medal Nominee (2015)

Reflection on “Nature”

Nature and Architecture

Nature is the experienced and unexplainable reality of this world. It is all-encompassing, uniting, and perfectly real. For many the word nature evokes ideas and images of the natural world untouched by mankind. But for an aspiring architect nature provokes inspiration as well as a calling.

Speaking for myself, nature is God-given and created. It represents more than a place to live and work, rather it presents an opportunity to engage and cultivate. In Genesis 2:15 [ESV] God calls Adam to “work it and keep it”. This is significant language because God commands Adam to engage in His created world, but places an equally important role in preserving it. God as creator has formed a perfect world and allows mankind to take control of it and continue his work to make the earth more suited for us. The architect’s calling, I believe, then is found in this passage to create an environment that is engaging, respectful of the context and the environment, innovative, and ultimately inspiring just as we find nature [the natural world] to be.

Nature is our reminder and visual connection to God here on Earth. While at times we are humbled by the power of it, we are at the same time filled with the awe and wonder of its beauty. I believe the same can be said about the role of architecture. As an aspiring architect, I see the role of the architect becoming more than just a builder to include the responsibilities of educator, community builder, and advocate – especially when it comes to our world and the natural environment. Through my education at Judson I have often been struck by the opportunities we have had to engage in this world through the built environment, nature, and community. I’m grateful for the experiences I have had to dive in and understand more about our profession and myself. I look forward to the new opportunities, but am thankful for sharing the experiences I have had with all of you.

Exhibits of Coursework (click to expand)


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