Gamma Xi Photography Contest


All members of the Gamma Xi chapter (current AND alumni) are encouraged to submit pictures from this year’s Open House Chicago to the

First Annual Tau Sigma Delta Architectural Photography Competition Of Awesomeness

The details:
1. entries will be accepted from all Gamma Xi chapter TSD members—current and alumni
2. photographs shall be “architectural” in nature and shall be taken during Open House Chicago.  Chicago Architecture Foundation-sponsored sites are recommended, but good shots of other buildings will be accepted.
The following categories can be used to guide photographers’ work:
Sense of Place
Architecture & Humanity
3. submit photos directly to Dr Amundson via email attachment, following these rules:
    a. pictures due by Wednesday, 22 October at 6 PM
    b. digital manipulation is ok (cropping, color balance, other tomfoolery)
    c. JPGs please
    d. name FILE with building name and your name (example: Rookery interior-Amundson)
    e. if you have a flowery/poetic/expressive title for your photo(s), write that in the body of the email
    f. limit of three entries per person
    g: size limit 3.0 MB (then again, if Judson email has a cap I don’t know about, that will be your limit).​
Questions?  Send them to Dr. Amundson, & good luck!

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