2013 Bronze Medal & Architecture Awards Ceremony

Kathryn Husar

Kathryn Husar (B.A.A.S. ’13), Bronze Medalist

Congratulations Kathryn Husar, recipient of the 2013 Bronze Medal!

Kathryn received her medal on Friday, May 3, at the annual School of Art, Design and Architecture Awards Ceremony, where she was also awarded the Chair’s Award for Professional Promise.

Several other members of the Gamma Xi Chapter received honors at the ceremony:

David Easterday: History Award

Drew Gander:  AIA Henry Adams Medal

Christian Korta: Chair’s Award for Professional Promise

Patrick Linder: Alpha Rho Chi Medal

Michael Rabe: ALA (Association of Licensed Architects) Student Merit Award 

Jenna Schiller: Chair’s Award for Professional Promise

Alex Stuckey: Chair’s Award for Professional Promise

Congratulations to the recipient of these prestigious awards, and to all of the 2013 Gamma Xi graduates:


Sarah L. Dede, Rebecca A. Noll, Guadalupe Aguilera Corona, Eric Blowers, David Easterday, Kathryn Husar, Christian Korta, Patrick Linder, Ethan Meadows, Joshua Nieves, Jena Schiller, Lindsay Wehmeier


Kyle L. Faulkner, Andrew C. Gander  Hilary S. Jackson, Michael Elliot Rabe, Alex M. Stuckey


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