Patrick Linder, Bronze Medal Nominee (2013)


technitai sophoikai dexioti (craftsmen, skilled and trained)

tsd PatrickRed – the blood from Xactos

Black – the dark of all-nighters

Red – the dawn before a crit

Black – the color of my gown

Do you hear the students sing? They’re singing the songs of graduates. It is the music of the students who may not be here again. When beating of your heart, echoes the anthem of the school. There’s a life about to start when graduation comes.

Have you studies in your classes, have you written every word? Have you trained the route laid out so you may glorify the Lord. Beyond these yellow walls, is there a world you wish to see? Then stick to your studies, that give you the right to be free!

Have you trained within your craft, has your GPA advanced? Is your attention in your classes, so that you may have a chance. Some will fall and some will stay, have you stood up and kept the dance? The study of our youth will power our building romance.

To be a craftsman, skilled and trained helps to formulate the goal of our education, yet is a never ending process which should be pursued our entire lives. I pity those who have learned all there is to know, what a boring reality that must be. As graduates we’re meeting these goals, yet there is so much more to do. The moment of graduation is but a milestone. We are further along our craft, with various cut fingers, hunched backs, and tired eyes to show for it. We are becoming more skilled from years of repetition and pursuit of ideation. All of this forms a segment of our training, a training which will be awarded to us upon a platform.

It is but a platform however. A moment in time. To truly pursue these goals is a pursuit of the moment, a chasing of the wind. Within this, is the beauty in the pursuit of knowledge. The thrill is in the chase and the reward is in its use. I thank you for the time we’ve shared and the relationships we’ve built. I pray the time we’ve shared has been beneficial, and that you are better for sharing that time with me. Thank you that we have grown together in craft, skill, and training.


Lindner Patrick exhibit

Conceptual Model & Borden Elementary


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